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Born into a creative family.

Vittorio's grandfather was one of the most celebrated songwriters of the War Years achieving several 'number ones' and his songs have been recorded by the likes of Frank Sinatra and Vera Lynn.

Vittorio's father was a Jazz singer whose rendition of 'Moment to Moment' was chosen over Sinatra's version for the London Premiere of the Honor Blackman film of the same name.

Vittorio's cousins - Andrew and Stuart as the Douglas Brothers - were the most sought after celebrity photographers of the early nineties. Another cousin was lead guitarist for the highly successful British pop bands The Kursaal Flyers and Eddie and the Hotrods.

Vittorio's formative years

Vittorio first trained at the renowned British London art school Central St Martins and then at Roehampton University.

At 21 and in his final year of his degree he was commissioned by British airways to paint two murals celebrating the 50th anniversary of Heathrow airport.

Vittorio then spent a time teaching 16-18 year old students art both at A-level and Advanced GNVQ Levels before returning to his first love of portraiture.

At 22 he was approached by Brian Sewell about becoming the Artist in Residence at Oxford University. Unfortunately at the time Artists in Residence needed to be a minimum of 25 years old.

A year later Vittorio undertook his first celebrity portrait of actress Lisa Goddard (from British television show 'Bergerac.')

Brian Sewell and Vittorio at one of Vittorio's Private Views discussing his portrait of Lisa Goddard.

Lisa Goddard. Originally on permanent display at Collector's World Museum, Norfolk.

That same year Vittorio was offered the chance to paint British actress and comedienne Dora Bryan.

Dorah Bryan.

Vittorio now has work in England, Europe and America in both Public and Private collections including the Museum of Hermitage Hall in Norfolk, England.

Vittorio continued to pursue portraits of the rich and famous and painted many of the most successful film and television personalities.

Vittorio painting model and actress Lisa Barbuscia.

Lisa Barbuscia at the Private View of 'Celebrity as Voyeur' in Knightsbridge.

Tess Daly at the Private View of 'Celebrity as Voyeur' in Knightsbridge.

His next solo portrait exhibition was exhibited in two galleries in Knightsbridge and made page 2 of the national newspaper, The Independent.

The following year Vittorio was able to Knightbridge Gallery owner Peter Johnson and was commissioned by Roehampton University to paint the official retirement portrait of Deputy Rector Dr. Peter Weston.

Ackermann and Johnson Gallery owner, Peter Johnson (near Belgrave Square, London).

Retired Deputy Rector of Roehampton University Dr. Peter Weston

The Donald Hess Gallery (SouthBank, London) has said that they "...had not seen anything that strong in the medium of figurative painting within the last couple of years". This gallery includes work of, amongst others, the celebrated late Francis Bacon.

Vittorio has been singled out both for National television and the National Press coverage. ITV1 featured Vittorio and his portraits on an episode of 'Young, Gifted and Broke,' and BBC2 'Cash in the Celebrity Attic' discussed Vittorio and his work.

Subsequent to Vittorio's appearance on ITV1, Carlton television looked into a television series around Vittorio. Vittorio was to be seen to interview figures in the public eye whilst painting them. Having booked sitters such as Jarvis Cocker of Pulp fame, unfortunately Carlton digital collapsed taking with it the show. 

Intentist Movement

In 2004, Vittorio began work on 'The School of Postmodernism,' a work, inspired by Raphael's 'School of Athens' that satirized much of the prevalent postmodern thinking. As a result of this work, Vittorio began to look into the role of the artist's intentions in the meaning of a work. In 2008 Vittorio founded the international art movement 'Intentism' that believes that all meaning is the outworking of intention. 

The movement now has many members that include artists, writer, architects, musicians and philosophers. They have exhibited widely and have published their manifesto in the book' Intentism: Resurrection of the Author' which is available on Amazon.

In the last few years Vittorio has lectured and organised debates in various art school including Chelsea School of Art and The Royal College of Art.

The School of Postmodernism 


 "You are obviously skilled."
Antony Hopkins
"Thank you for sending me your paintings which I like very much."
Alan Bennett
"I love the look of your paintings."
Jerry Hall

"I enjoyed looking at your work."

Ronnie Corbett